Homophone Homophone #2 Homophone #3 Homophone #4 Homophone #5
Aback a back
Abase a base
Abate a bait (shop)
Abed a bed
Abeam a beam
Abel able a bell
Abet a bet
Able a bell
-able -ible
Abound a bound
About a bout
Abreast a breast
Accede exceed
Accept except
Access axes axis excess
Acher acre
Acute a cute
Ad add
Adam atom
Addition edition
Ade (drinks) aid aide
A dew ado
Adjust a just (person)
Adore a door
Ads adze
Aerie airy eyrie
Aeries Aires Ares
Aetna (insurer) Etna (volcano)
A face efface
Afar a far
Affect effect
Afire a fire
Aflutter a flutter
Afoot a foot
Aghast a gassed
Aglow a glow
Ahead a head
Ail ale
Aims Ames (IA)
Air ere err heir
Aisle I’ll isle
Ajar a jar
Akin a kin
A la Allah
Alas a lass
Alec aleck (smart)
Alecs alecks/ Alex
Alee Ali
Align a line
Alight a light
All awl
All ready already
All right alright
Allowed aloud a loud
Allot a lot
All together altogether
Allude elude
Alone a lone a loan
Along a long
Aloud a loud allowed
Altar alter
All ways always
Amass a mass
Amassed a mast
Amaze a maze
Amiss a miss
Among a Mung
An Ann Anne
Anchor Ankor (Wat)
A Neal a Neil anneal
A net Annette
Anew a new
Ant aunt
Ante- anti- Auntie
Anymore any more
Anytime any time
Apart a part
A pawn upon up on
Apiece a piece
Aport a port
Appalachian appellation
Apparent a parent
Apprise a prize
Apps apse
Arc ark arch- (archetype)
Are our R
Areal Arial (font) Ariel
Aroma a roma (tomato)
Around a round
Array a ray
As best as asbestos
Ascent assent
Asea a sea
Ash Ashe (last name)
Aspic ass pick
Assail a sail
Assay essay S-A
Assign a sign
Aster Astor
At all atoll
Ate eight 8
A test attest
Atone a tone
Attire a tire
Atwitter a twitter
Atypical a typical
Aught ought
Aural oral
Auricle oracle
Austen (Jane) Austin (TX)
Auto Otto
Ava Eva
Avail a vale
Aw awe
Awake a wake
A wall AWOL
Awash a wash
Away aweigh a weigh
Awed odd
Aweigh a weigh
Awful offal
Awhile a while
Awry a rye
Axel axle
Ax ease axes
Aye eye I
Baa bah
Baas bahs bas (relief)
Babble on Babylon
Bach balk bock
Bachs balks bocks box
Backwards back words
Baha (Men) Baja (California or Mexico)
Bail bale
Bait bate
Bald balled bawled
Ball bawl
Band banned
Bar Barr
Bare Bayer bear
Barns Barnes (and Noble)
Barren baron
Basal basil Basil
Base bass
Bases basis
Bask Basque (region of Spain)
Bat batt (fabric stuffing or insulation)
Bawdy body
Bayou by you “bye, you!” “… buy you (a) …”
Be Bea bee B
Beach beech
Beat beet
Beatle beetle betel (nut)
Beau Bo bow
Beaut butte
Been bin
Bel (Air) Bell Belle
Berg burg
Bern burn
Berth birth
Better bettor
Bi- by bye buy
Bifurcate buy for Kate
Biocide bio side (of things)
Bird Byrd
Bite bight byte
Blair blare
Blew blue
Bloc block
Blond blonde
Boar Boer bore
Board bored
Boarder border
Bold bowled
Bolder Boulder (CO)
Bole boll bowl
Bon Bonn
Born borne Bourne
Bough bow
Bra Bragh
Braise brays braze
Brake break
Bread bred
Breath breadth
Bundt bunt
Burned burnt
Burro burrow
Busch bush
Bussed bust
But butt
Buy by
Caddy catty
Cain (Dean) Caine (Michael) cane
Caldron cauldron
Cale (name) Kale
Call caul (covering fetus’ head) cawl (Welsh stew/soup)
Can Cannes
Caan (James) Cannes
Canapé canopy
Cannot can not (only … but also)
Canon cannon
Can’t cant (incline or slope)
Canvas canvass
Capital capitol
Carat caret carrot karat
Carrell carol Carole Carroll
Carey carry
Cache cash
Cast caste
Cats Katz
Caulk cock
Cause caws
Cay Kay quay
Cede seed
Ceiling sealing
Cel cell sell
Cellar seller
Censor sensor
Census senses
Cent scent sent
Cents sense
Cereal serial
Ceres series
Ceylon sail on
Chalk chock
Chance chants
Charon (Styx ferryman) Karen
Charon (Pluto’s moon) Sharon
Cheap cheep
Check cheque Czech
Cher share
Chianti key auntie
Chic sheik
Chile chili chilly
Chord cord
Chorus core us
Chute shoot
Cite sight site
Clampett (Jed’s family) clamp it
Claus clause claws
Cleanup clean up
Click clique
Climate climb it
Climb clime
Coal Cole Kohl
Coarse course
Coaster co-star
Coat cote
Coated coded
Coating coding
Cobble Kabul
Cocks (>1 male bird) cox (to coxswain a boat)
Cocoa Coco (Chanel)
Co-dean codeine
Coffer cougher
Colonel kernel
Complement compliment
Come cum (laude)
Concord concurred
Conch conk
Condiment condom mint
Coo coup (d’etat)
Coop coupe
Cops copse
Cosign cosine
Council counsel
Coward cowered
Crackin’ Kraken
Cretin Cretan (person from Crete)
Crevasse crevice
Crews cruise
Cuddle cuttle (card, cart, fish, game)
Cue queue Q
Cur Kerr
Currant current
Curser (one who curses) cursor
Curt Kurt
Cymbal symbol
Cyr sear seer
Dais days/ daze
Dall (sheep) doll
Dane deign
Daughter dodder dotter
Dawn don Don
Days daze
Deaf def
Deal dele
Dear deer Deere (tractor)
Defuse diffuse
Defusion (psych.) diffusion
Del (name) dell
Delhi deli
Delaware Della wear
Delude dilute
Denim denom (colloq. of denomination)
Dense dents
Dependence dependents
Desert dessert
Dew do doo due
Dewar doer
Dewey dewy do we (…?)
Di (Lady) die dye
Diet dye it
Dine dyne
Dire dyer
Disc disk disque
Discreet discrete
Discussed disgust
Do (note) doe Doh! (Homerism) dough
Done dun
Do shit douche it
Dual duel
Ducked duct
Earl Erle (Stanley Gardner) URL
Earn ern (seabird) erne urn
Earnest Ernest
Ease E’s
Easy EZ
Eave eve Eve
Echo eco- Eco (Umberto)
Eddie eddy
Eek eke
Eerie Erie (Lake, PA, etc.)
Eire ire
Either ether
El ell Elle L
Elicit illicit
Em M
Emery Emory
Eminent imminent
Emery Emory
En N
Encase in case
En route on route (66)
Eon Ian ion
Epic epoch
Erma Irma
Ernest earnest
Eros erose (jagged)
Ess S
Ester Esther
Ethel ethyl
Europe you’re up (batter)
Euros you rose
Evel (Knievel) evil
Everyday every day
Ew ooh
Ewe U yew you
Ewer you’re
Ewes use youz (slang)
Ex- X
Exercise exorcise
Eyed I’d
Eye on ion
Faint feint
Fair faire fare
Far Farr
Fat phat
Faux fo (fe fi fo fum) foe
Fawkes Fock’s fox
Fay’s faze phase
Feral Ferrell (Will) ferrule
Feted fetid
Feudal futile
Fill Phil
Fined find
Finish Finnish
Fir fur
Fisher fissure
Flack flak
Flair flare
Flea flee
Flecks flex
Flew flu flue
Flo floe flow
Flour flower
For fore four 4
Foreign for in four in
Foreword forward
Forth fourth
Foul fowl
France’s Frances Francis
Frees freeze frieze
Gaff gaffe
Gail gale
Gait gate
Gaiter gator
Gall Gaul
Gamble gambol
Gar Garr (Teri)
Gay’s gays gaze
Gee G
Geez G’s Jeez
Gear Geer Gere
Gene jean
Gild guild
Gilt guilt
Gnat Nat
Gneiss nice
Gnome Nome (AK)
Gnu knew new nu (Greek letter)
Gobi (desert) goby (fish)
Google googol
Gored gourd
Gorilla guerilla
Grade grayed
Grade A (eggs) gray day
Graft graphed
Grate great
Gray grey
Grip grippe (flu)
Gunnar (name) gunner
Guise guys
Gym Jim
Hacks Hax (Carolyn)
Hail hale
Hair hare heir
Hall haul
Halve have
Hangar hanger
Hart heart
Hawk hock
Hay hey
Hays haze
He hee (haw)
Heal heel
Hear here
Heard herd
He’d heed
Herd heard
Herding hurting
Herein here in
Heroin heroine
Hertz hurts
Hew hue Hugh
Hi hie high heigh (ho)
Hide hied (hurried) Hyde
Higher hire
Hirt (Al) hurt
Ho hoe
Hoar hoer whore
Hoard hoared (musty) horde whored
Hoarse horse whores
Hoes hose
Hole whole
Hold holed
Holy wholly
Horn Horne (Lena)
Hostel hostile
Hour our
Howell howl
Hue Hugh
Humerus (bone) humorous
Ideal I deal
Idle idol idyll
Impatience impatiens (flowers)
In inn
Incidence incidents
Incite insight
Independence independents
Indifferent in different
Innocence innocents
Insecurity in security
Intern in turn
Into in to
Iran I ran
Iraq I rack I rock
Irate I rate
Iron I earn I yearn
Islip (NY) I slip
Israel (it) is real
Its it’s
Jam jamb
Jay J
John (toilet) Jon
Juan wan
Justin just in
Kael (Gaelic name) kail (variant of kale and first name) kale
Kay K
Keane (Bil) keen Keene (NH)
Knave nave (Church part)
Knead kneed need
Kneaded knead it needed need it
Kneel Neal Neil
Knick nick
Knicks nicks nix
Knit nit
Knock nock
Knocks Knox nocks NOx (nitrogen oxide general term)
Knot naught not
Knotty naughty not tea
Know no
Knows nose
Know where nowhere
Lac (Fond-du-) Loch (Ness) lock
Lacks lax
Lad Ladd (Alan and Cheryl)
Ladder latter
Lade laid
Laden laid in
Lager logger
Lance lands
Laps lapse
Lay lea lei Leigh
Lays laze
Lead led
Lead lede (first line in articles) leed (caldron) LEED
Leak leek
Lean lien
Lear leer
Learned learnt
Leary (Timothy) leery
Lease Lise (nickname for Lisa)
Leased least
Lee Leigh
Lees Lise (nickname for Lisette)
Legislator Legislature
Les less
Lessen lesson
Let’s lets
Lettuce let us
Levee Levy
Lewis Louis
Liable libel
Liar lyre lier (one who lies down or lies in wait)
Lice lyse (to cause cell breakdown)
Lie lye
Links lynx
Lion lie in (wait)
Liv live
Load lode
Loan lone
Loaner loner
Lobe Loeb (Lisa)
Loch lock
Lochs locks lox LOx (liquid oxygen)
Loki low key
Loon lune
Loot lute
Lose loos (>1 bathroom) Lous (>1 Lou)
Louie Louis
Lucks Lux (soap)
Ma mah (jongg) maw
Mac’s Macks (>1 semi-truck) max
Madder matter
Made maid
Mae may
Magnate magnet
Maher mar
Mai my
Mail male
Maim Mame (Auntie)
Main Maine mane mein (chow)
Maize maze Mays (Willie)
Mali Moly (short for Molybdenum) Molly
Mall maul
Manner manor
Marks Marx
Marries Mary’s
Marry Mary merry
Marshal Marshall martial
Mason may son
Massed mast
Mat Matt matte
May Mae (name)
Maybe may be
Mean mien
Meat meet mete
Medal meddle metal mettle
Menstrual minstrel
Mic Mike
Mick’s mix
Might mite
Mignon (filet) Mignonne (female name) minion
Mince mints
Mined mind
Mini- Minnie (Mouse)
Minks minx
Minor miner
Mispickel miss pickle
Misses Missus
Moat mote
Model mottle
Mo’ Moe mow
Monies moneys
Monkees (band) monkeys
Moor more Moore
Moose mousse
Morning mourning
Moron more on
Muscle mussel
Mussed must
Naval navel
Nay nee neigh
Neat Neet ® (hair removal product)
Neither nether
Nevermind never mind
New direction nude erection
Nigh Nye (Bill, the Science Guy)
Nobel noble no bull
Noon Noone (Peter, of Herman’s Hermits)
Oar ore o’er or Orr (Bobby)
Oats Oates (Joyce Carol)
Ochre ogre
Ode owed
Oh owe O
Oh no Ono
Oil Oyl (Olive with Popeye)
Oleo olio
One won 1
Onus own us
Oral Orel (Hershiser)
Ordinance ordnance
Oriel oriole
Or so orzo
Oversees overseas
Oxi- oxy-
Pa paw
Paar (Jack) par
Packed pact
Paddy patty
Page Paige
Paid payed
Pail pale
Pain pane Payne
Pair pare pear
Palate palette pallet
Pall Paul
Par Parr
Pas (Dads) pause paws
Passed past
Patience patients
Passed past
Pause paws
Pause it posit
Pawned pond
Pea pee P
Peace peas piece
Peak peek pique
Peal peel
Peat Pete Peet (Amanda)
Pedal peddle petal
Peek at you Picacho Pikachu
Peer pier
Pend penned
Penance pennants
Penne (pasta) penny
Perdue (chicken) Purdue
Per se per say
Pi pie
Pic pick
Picked Pict (ancient Scot)
Pics picks pix (pictures)
Pict picked
Pith pithe (Indian cake)
Plain plane
Plait plate
Play-Doh Plato
Pleas please
Plum plumb
Plumb it plummet
Pocks pox
Polar poler (pole user) poller (poll taker)
Pole poll
Poo Pooh (Winnie-the-)
Porsche Portia
Pore pour
Praise prays preys
Pray prey
Precede proceed
Precedent President
Pre-Madonna prima donna (yes, this was an actual one by an MBA college student)
Presence presents
Prince prints
Principal principle
Profit prophet
Pros prose
Psi (Greek letter) Psy Si (Simon nickname) sigh
Pudding putting
Pupal pupil
Quince quints (nickname for a multiple birth of 5)
Rah raw
Rail rale
Rain reign rein
Raise rays raze
Rap wrap
Rapped rapt wrapped
Rapper wrapper
Raygun Reagan
Reck (pay heed – archaic) wreck
Recks Rex wrecks
Reckless wreckless (accident-free)
Read red
Read reed
Real reel
Reek wreak
Refer reefer
Referential reverential
Reflects reflex
Residence residents
Rest wrest
Retch wretch
Review revue
Reye’s rise ryes
Rhode road rode rowed
Rhyme rime
Ride on right on (this one actually happened to me while on my bike)
Right rite write
Ring wring
Ritz writs
Road rode
Roam Rome
Roar rower
Roc (giant bird of myth) rock
Roe rho (Greek letter) row Rowe (name)
Role roll
Roman roamin’
Rood rude
Root rout route
Rose rows
Rote wrote
Roue roux rue
Rough ruff
Rudder rutter (one who ruts)
Rude rued
Rye wry
Sac sack
Sachet sashay
Sacs sacks sax
Sail sale
Sari sorry
Satire satyr
Saul sol
Saver savor
Sawed sod
Scene seen
Scent sent
Scripps scripts
Scull skull
Sculptor sculpture
Sea see si (yes) C
Seam seem
Seamen see men semen
Sear seer sere
Seas sees seize C’s
Secs (a couple of) sects sex
Seek Sikh
Segway segue
Seoul sol sole soul
Serf surf
Serious Sirius
Setup set up
Sew so sow
Sewer (one who sews) soar sore sower (one who sows seeds)
Sewer suer (one who sues)
Sexed sext
Shear sheer
Shel (Silverstein) shell
Shoe shoo
Shone shown
Shudder shutter
Shutdown shut down
Si sigh Sy
Sic sick Sikh
Sics Sikhs six
Side sighed
Sighs size
Sign sine
Sink sync synch
Sioux Sue
Sky Skye (Isle of, or terrier)
Slay sleigh
Slew slue
Smelled smelt
Snip it snippet
Soar sore
Soarer (one who soars) sorer
Soared sword
Socks Sox (Red, White, or Black)
Sol sole soul
Solo so low
Some sum
Son sun
Sought sot
Soups supes
Spade spayed
Spec speck
Spelled spelt (grain)
Staff staph
Staid stayed
Stair stare
Stake steak
Stalk stock
Star Starr (Bart, Belle, or Ringo)
Stationary stationery
Steer stere (unit of measure for cord wood)
Steal steel stele (stone slab, plant axis)
Step steppe
Stew Stu (nickname for Stuart)
Stile style
Storey story
Straight strait
Sty stye (eyelid inflammation) stie (steroid hormone)
Succor sucker
Sues Suze (nickname for Suzanne)
Suite sweet
Sundae Sunday
Sup ‘zup
Swat SWOT (analysis)
Sweetheart sweet heart
Syntax sin tax
Taboo tabu (variant)
Tac tach tack
Tacs tachs tacks tax
Tai Thai tie Ty (name Cobb)
Tail tale
Talk tock
Tamale tomalley (lobster’s hepatopancreas and delicacy)
Taper tapir
Tare tear
Taro Tarot
Taut taught
Tea tee T
Team teem
Tear tier
Tearable terrible
Teas tease tees T’s
Tec tech Teck (castle)
Tense tents
Than then
The thee
Theater theatre
Their there they’re
Tho’ though
Threw through thru
Throe throw
Throne thrown
Thyme time
Tic tick
Tide tied
Till ‘til (short for until)
Time thyme
Timeframe time frame
Tine Tyne
To too two 2
Toad toed towed
Toe tow (the line)
Tole toll
Ton tun (cask or unit of measure for wine)
Toon tune
Tore tor (crag) torr (unit of measure for pressure)
Tongue tung (oil)
Tori Tory (Political Party)
Tort torte
Trader traitor
Transcendents transcendence
Tray trey
Tri- try
Troop troupe
Tucks tux
Tuna tune a (piano)
Undo undue
Upon up on
Urine you’re in (next)
User you sir
Vail vale veil
Vain vane vein
Vaper (one who “vapes” e-cig’s) vapor
Vee V
Venal venial
Verses versus
Vial vile
Vice vise
Wacks (crazy people, stupid ideas) WACs wax whacks
Waded waited
Wait weight
Wail wale whale
Waist waste
Walk-in Walken (Christopher)
Wan Juan
Wander wonder
Wane Wayne
Ware wear where
Warier warrior worrier
Warn worn
Wary weary
Waive wave
Wales whales
Want wont
Wanton Wonton
Wat watt what
Way weigh whey
We wee Wii
Weak week
Weakened weekend
Weather whether
Weave we’ve
Weir we’re
Weld welled
Wen when
Were whir
Wet whet
Whacks wax
Wheeled wield
Which witch
Whichever which ever
Whig wig
Whine wine
Whined wind wined
Whip it whippet
Whirl whorl
Whist whizzed
Whit wit
White Wight (Isle of)
Whoa woe
Who’s whose
Why wye Y
Wicked wicket
Wild Wilde (Oscar and Olivia)
Willpower will power
Win Wynn (Ed, Keenan, Hotel)
Wood would
Workshop work shop
Worst wurst (sausage)
Y’all yawl
Yay yea
Yew you U
Yore your you're
You’ll Yule

About Homophones

This might just be the largest compilation of sound alike words and phrases. Some are obvious, some are unique, and some are downright silly! This list was created and managed by me. Feel free to make suggestions!