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Up-coming courses and conference presentations:


EPA RRP Lead Renovator Courses: We are no longer offering this training in Maine - sorry.

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Adjunct Faculty Member at Thomas College in their Graduate/CED Dept. in Waterville, Maine including:

  • HR 565: Health, Safety, and Security (100% online, or it has been a blended or "hybrid" course, online with 3 on-campus class meetings)

  • HR 567: Conflict Management

  • HR 595: Train-the-Trainer

  • HR 596: Wellness, Health Education, and Health Promotion Plans (HPPs)

  • MG 551: Organizational Theory & Behavior

  • MG 563: Environmental Risk Assessment and Management (100% online asynchronous class)

  • MG 598: Risk Management for the 21st Century

  • MK 551: Marketing Management

  • MG 445: Business Management & Policy (it'd be more aptly named "Business Strategy and Maintaining a Sustained Competitive Advantage") (100% online class!)

  • MG 342: Employee Training & Development (100% online class!)


ME DEP/EPA - Lead Risk Assessor Refresher (LRAR): Thursday, August 23, 2012 from 8 am - 4 pm in Waterville, ME at Governor's Restaurant & Functions. $195. This class is open! Contact us


Interested in a course (for yourself) not on our current schedule?

Our philosophy and approach to scheduling courses:

Most (but not all) of our courses are provided “on-demand” and tailored to an individual company’s or organization’s needs at their request and
at their location. We also do schedule several certification courses in asbestos and lead for individuals coming from different companies (see above list under “Up-coming courses”). If that’s what you need, click here to register for a scheduled course.

Why don’t we try to schedule more courses? We used to do so in the past. Invariably we’d get too few registrants to make it “financially viable” and then we’d have to cancel it that week to everyone’s frustration – mine and the registrants. So, now we gather names of persons who have expressed an interest in taking that course. If that is what you’d like to do, click here to get on a specific course list of interested people.
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